New Singularity mirror 2022-09-16


A new mirror has been deployed to Singularity today. Everything should be configured pretty much the same as with the last mirror. Skill points from the last 6 mass tests have been re-deployed.

A mass test will probably happen on the 27th of September.


All right, thanks

This is completed now.

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Ty very much, I see i also got the SP from previous mass test, really appreciated!

Yay a mirror!

Is the Sotiyo broken? Cannot put Supers/Titans in build there

maybe missing the ihub upgrade or supercap shipyard not sure, because i can put subcaps in build.

Is it down again?

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please insall ship build efficency" rig in stations
atm it take 10 days on sotiyo and 15 days on keepstar to build one

Is it possible to have some feeadback thread(s) for the Uprising changes, please? That’s probably your intent at some point, like you did with many updates before. But since we can already see the blueprints and can simulate the new ships on Singularity, maybe we can have one for these sooner than later.

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Maybe someone will fix the possibility to produce supers at M-O CCP Sotyo ?

Errors: Public access is disabled.
This blueprint can’t be used in this facility.

Oh, this was an oversight by myself and should be fixed now. Very sorry for this.

Thanks. CCP Habakuk, it is mow running as should be.

When will the next mirror be deployed? A new one before the holidays would be highly appreciated.