Need Help EVE Staff :)


2 weeks ago I resubscribe for 1 year to EVE Online.

Since then I try to login to Singularity server, to practice Abyssals. But for 2 weeks now, Singularity will not let me login to the server.

Everytime I login, it kicks me out or refuses to let me login to Singularity. I Can log into Tranquility with no problems.

Can EVE Staff please help me out and fix this problem I am having with the test server and not being able to login and my login not working ? 2 weeks is a little too long :slight_smile:

Did you happen to reset your password since Nov 12? or at least 3 days before that?

Sorry Mr. Oksaras :slight_smile: I do not remember the last time I reset the password but was a long time ago I think.

I cannot even seem to find a reset password.

CCP Staff Please help me :slight_smile:

Typically, the reason why people can’t log in to SiSi, is either they were created after the mirror, or they changed their TQ password but it did not line up with the SiSi mirror transition.

Clearly I am moron Sir

Is there a pdf document explaining this whole transition Sir and how to navigate it and put in a new password that works Sir ? <3 :slight_smile: )

You’re not a moron. I was referring to your main live server account, when you resubbed, if you did not change your password, then you should be able to get on the test server.

there is nothing that you can do at this time, to have access to the test server. CCP offers no support for getting on if you miss the window of being mirrored over or have password issues.

No Sir, I was away from EVE doing other things and no time to play.

I only just understood what you were staying Sir, you had to be playing and active during their mirror of SISI to get a mirrored character otherwise you lose out.

This is really bad, Thank You @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras for explaining it to me so clearly.

CCP Why Why Why do you keep making decisions like this ???

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