Can't login to sisi "Invalid username / password"

(Jon Stilnox) #1

I can not connect to the “Singularity” server, my account is from 2017, I recently changed the password on my account, I can access Tranquility without problems, but does not work on sisi,
Connection failed. Possible reasons:
Invalid username / password
I submitted a problem report but they advised me to create a thread here since they can only assist with issues on Tranquility.

(Gallerado) #2


I have been having the exact same issue for ages now…did the same thing as you with regards to “trying” to get support but to not avail. This has been months now and was supposedly fixed with their latest mirror… but its still broken and incredibly frustrating.

(Amen Ray) #3

Me too - account created 2006 - have been away from game for a while though so only reactivated omega a month and a half ago.

(Royally) #4

I have the same issue.

(Zedman2k) #5

I have the same issue. Have been a mostly daily for the last 4 years but it is the first time I went to the test server for some corp training. Please help.

(Frakokk) #6

I am having this same issue. I have returned to the game over almost two months ago now and I am still unable to login to the test server.

(BayneNothos) #7

Am getting this too and am being told to post here about it. Good to see that’ll probably do nothing.

(Ck Terra) #8

I have the same issue.

(Gwabje Boirelle) #9

yup Me too :frowning:

(Alex Erbe) #10

I have the same problem

(Frakokk) #11

Same issue for three months…

(Lord Ivan IV) #12

Same issue. This is incredibly frustrating and kinda ridiculous…

(Konan Dex) #13

I’ve been trying to login for 2 weeks without a success. What is the purpose of creating a thread here? Did support help someone here?

(Jim Gonzo) #14

I am having the same issue. add me to the list.

(Korosov Malkovi) #15

I’ve been playing solid for months now on a several year old account. I should have been mirrored in December but I’m still receiving that error as well.

(mr Hanuman) #16

So… What’s the point creating a thread on Froum, which noone reads?
I had a test server access, and now I can’t get in…
Devs, do you have any idea how to fix this?

Upd… Found a way to login. Use your old passwords, if you chaged them between mirroring…

(Apsidia) #17

Same issue: “Login Data Incorrect”, “Incorrect username or password.”
I reactivated the omega account a month ago after 4 years of absence.

(Cliona Andrews) #18

yup same here

(Wolthar) #19

Same thing here, been like that at least last two or three years.
I have tried to get help for that, but they wont care about login problems there because its test server,
they only fix something if it has something to do with tests they are doing.
You just have to accept that you can’t login there anymore ever.


(Shiro She) #20

This is Stupid Is CCP going to do anything about it?