3 accounts, none of them can login in SIS

Hello guys, I just wondering if there is something I can do or test to get access to Singularity server.

I have 3 accounts, one from 2010 reactivated as omega 3 months ago, and another 2008 account reactivated as omega 2 months ago and a third one, Alpha, from 2007. None of them can login in Singularity server.

Is there anything I should do to get access to the server? I have been trying multiple times, using the same credentials I use for Tranquility, with all three accounts and I just get a user/password invalid error.

Thanks in advance!!

If you can’t login into SISI then you probably have to wait until next mirror.

Hello Sakimura,

I understand the mirrors do not have a fixed schedule, but how often are carried out normally?

It is strange that none of the 3 accounts (all of them reactivated) do not work.

Do you think that maybe having a new account will work?


Being that your accounts have been active after the Clone States changes (back in 2015/2016), I would assume, then it should be possible for you to login into SISI.

Have you tried to login on the Account Management page? should at least tell you if your Login are correct or not. If you can Login on Account Management you should also be able to get on SISI.

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I can login to eve normally, I can login to account management, I have logged in everyday since goodness knows when… but my account is not recognised by the test server login.
I am at a loss tbh
The ticket I wrote was deemed useless to gm`s as its test server.
when it was more complicated in past years I had little trouble logging into singularity.
I thought this year was going to be a breeze

I cannot login to thunderdome either

I’m afraid that I’m not very helpful in this situation. All I can say is that I can login into SISI without any problems at all. So all I can say for sure is that the SISI is working. So the problem must lie somewhere in between you and SISI. You could try and run a route tracer program and find out more?

its not that I cant access sisi, its my account that is played everyday on tranquility cannot access any test server… I can login on an alpha account only… tranquility is normal… (where I am logged in now on my perma beta account)

I would highly appreciate it if you could draw someones attention to my problem, who can sort it out.

Talking about my account in public does not seem very pro

The best I can do is to ask that you wait for the next mirror and hope that that would fix your issue.

that is telling me I cannot be in the AT Team again this year.

Listen, I have a serious problem with my account, it is ruining my gameplay and may well be compromising my security.

I have been passed around for hours, you all recommend that I discuss it on a public forum…

it is my account that you have messed up, it has nothing to do with the test server. it cannot see what ccp does not pass it.

I really wish I could figure out the problem or solve it out of thin air but that is not remotely possible, neither do I have the tools available to me, like GMs or CCP might have, to help identifying problems. I do sincerely hope that you get your issue fixed and able to join AT with your team.

Probably would be helpful if more reported the same issue, so far I think you’re the only one(?).

what I don’t understand is why I have not been passed to a gm who might be able to help me

I don’t know anymore than you do, they probably haven’t gotten to your request yet.

they sent me here, all of them, just obfuscation

And as for me being the only one… may I point you to topic of this thread and the person who started it… Who knows, but to say im alone is not paying attention

sorry to sound harsh I have noted the appologies ive had and do appreciate them, but in this desperate mood you have all placed me in, actions speak louder than words.

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