Another 'can't log to SiSi' post

Ieep! o7

Apparently the mirror has been done a few weeks ago, and since my main account has been made in the first week of July, there’s no reason anymore why I shouldn’t be able to log on to SiSi.

However, every time I try (and I’ve tried nearly everyday in the past two weeks) I always get the same message: Incorrect username or password. I know damn well that I got the right username AND password; that said it still doesn’t work.

I’ll add a suggestion to CCP while I’m at it: maybe include somewhere on the log-in page the date of the last mirror, so we could know if it’s been done recently or not. If there’s a quick way to verify, I’d like to know (one that doesn’t involve browsing through hundreds of pages on the forum, ideally…)

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I have had the same problem, and i can’t play with my friend who for some reason tranquility is not on his list and i cant play the other two test servers.

From what I know the other two test servers shouldn’t be available to anybody. Although my knowledge of the thing is limited, I think Thunderdome is actually used for tournaments between players. As for Duality, I have no idea. If someone knows more about it, by all means do tell me, I’m quite curious about this.

It’s important to remember that the test servers are development resources - not player resources. The developers let us use them because they need guinea pigs for the new stuff they’re working on. They are not an entitlement and they are not supported.

That said, I just logged into Singularity without any problems - I recommend you remove and re-add the account from the launcher (with Singularity selected - don’t remove TQ accounts if they’re working).

I’m not sure how it’s even possible to have Singularity and Duality but not Tranquility in your drop down list. That’s worth a ticket!

Hmm that didn’t help much. To start with, I have no problems with Tranq server, I can log in just fine. Also, there’s no associated account with SiSi on the launcher yet, because so far I’ve never been able to log on to SiSi. As I said, my account has been made in the first week of July, so unless it’s been mirrored since, that may be the reason I can’t log in.

So yeah, I guess the gist of it is that I still have to wait for the mirror, when it was said to be (but not officially announced, as far as I’m aware) for mid-august, and still isn’t up. My suggestion still stands; a single line saying when the last mirror was made, on the launcher and/or log-in page, would be nice, and as far as I know programming, it shouldn’t be a hassle to include (I’d guess it’d take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to actually implement for any decent programmer, and seeing how the game is made, I doubt that CCP has ‘only decent’ programmers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Let me know if anyone knows more about the mirror, if ever that’s the problem, and if not, I’m open to suggestions.

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