Cannot log into the Singularity test server

I clicked on the top down icon to change the launcher, I put in my username and password, and it says invalid. mind you I have only been back on this character bout a month and a half ago(took a 2+ year break)

I can still log into tran just fine.

any help/ideas?

Sisi is under DT atm afaik. Poss. the mirror

ok, I just thought when it was online it would be online(I know that sounds krass, I really don’t mean it to)

so then with the launcher, Singularity may or may not be up, there is no way of telling?

I just heard that the last mirror was done some time in Feburary, if that’s the case, then it has my old(forgotten) password :frowning: I guess I will have to wait till the next mirror to be able to test things then

If its not done today, itll most likely be tomorrow for the mirror btw

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