Login on testserver

Good day. I have some issues with login into the test server. I had changed my password on Tranquility 4-5 mounts ago, after that, I tried to enter to test server but couldn’t make this.
Recently, I’ve tried to make this again, using my both new and old passwords, but still, I had the same problem.
Please, could you help me with this trouble?

The Singularity password is as-of the last mirror date, which would have been in August - New Singularity mirror 2021-08-10

You need to use whatever your Tranquility password was at that time to log in to Sisi.

I tried to make it using my august’s passwods, but it didn’t work. I’ve used both of my passwords and nothing changed, I still have this issue

Are you trying to log in from steam? They’ve had issues with that, not sure if it was resolved.

What o.s. are you using?

Yeap, I’ve been making it from steam all this time. So there’s no another option except of waiting when problem with steam will be solved, right?

I’m using windows 10, but as I could understand the problem lies in steam

Well, I tried to enter from the launcher, but with the same result
What should I do? Maybe you’ll try to delete my account on test server, and I would try to login?

Before the last mirror, you should have made an eve online account from the steam account so that you could log in. Your account will be deleted from test server if you delete your tq character. You will have to wait until December possibly to have access to the test server

Okay, thank you. Hope till December this issue will be solved :slight_smile:
The last question: when you’ve told about “delete tq character” did you mean my character will be erased at all? With all sps, ships and isk? Cause I don’t understand how it would be, sorry

When you biomass a char, it gets deleted.

Unless they fix the steam issue and do a mirror after fixing it, you won’t have access until a new mirror

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