Logging in to test server

I’m trying to log on to Singularity to try out a couple of fits but despite my putting in the correct username and password (I know it’s correct because I just logged in using it on the main site…) it’s saying incorrect username/password.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or do I need to raise a ticket?

Are you trying to log in on the toon you’re posting from? Singularity is periodically instanced from tranquility and your characters and skills are just mirrored from an earlier time. For example, when I log in to sisi on my main I am still in nullsec with the alliance I left months ago and my skills reflect where I was at that time…gotta wait for the next singularity instance (or whatever it’s called) to update my skills and everything else so I can test the ship I skilled into on tranquility last week :wink:

So if you’re logging in with a new account it is possible that your new toon isn’t old enough to have their info instanced on sisi yet…

If that isn’t the problem then I’m out of ideas and would probably a submit a ticket.

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You can update your skills on sisi without mirror.


Type /copyskills into chat

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Why did I not know this until now :expressionless:

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Too busy mining? Lol jk

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Can’t log into Sing test server. Same error as OP.

My account was created in 2009. Played until 2013, took a 9 year break, came back to playing EVE in dec of 2022.

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Did you solve it?

If you changed your password on TQ upon returning, you will be locked out of the test server until the next mirror

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