Unable to login to to singularity

even after the new mirror i cant log onto the test server iv been trying for a few weeks but my friend who started after me can join the test server help

The last mirror was released on February 15, but the actual database image for account data was taken a few days before that (it takes a little time to actually load the refreshed Sisi databases). Have you changed your password since early February? If so, you will need to use your old password to connect to Sisi. If not, please provide more detail on your experience: are you getting a ‘bad password’ notice? Does a verification email not arrive? Something else?

im only geting an invalid password prompt when i log in and my account was made before the 15th so i dont know whats going on iv been useing both passwords and its not working

account was made the 18th not before the 15th so i may not be able to get on but my friend can who started after me

Double check your friend’s creation date - it’s possible they played a long time ago and then dropped it, then when you got into it they resumed the existing account.

there start date was in march on the 5th and they can conect to the test server

Can they log in with any characters, or do they just get an empty character list? Again, it is possible they made the account earlier than the current oldest character on the account. Even just making the account and never adding a character to it would put the account in the database, as CCP doesn’t purge inactive accounts.

Edit: If they are actually logging in to Sisi on the same character, and you can provide the character name, I can look at them on Sisi and TQ and see if the character creation dates match on both servers. If they do not, then the account is probably older than you think.

they do not have any chars on the test server but they can log in so

when is the plan to mirror the server again i was told it was today but some corp mates but its still up in the air

Their account is probably older, then.

We do not get told ahead of a mirror that it will happen. We can estimate when one will happen next based on the last mirror date and the typical mirror frequency. CCP tends to mirror at a 3-4 month interval, or once per quarter, often toward the end of the quarter. The last mirror was on 2/15/21, so it would be reasonable to expect another one by the end of June based on the 3-4 month term and the tendency to do quarterly mirrors, as that would be the end of Q2. It may be sooner, it may be later - it really depends on what CCP needs from a data perspective, and whether they have a Dev with time available to do the mirror (it takes some work to make it happen, especially with all the stuff that requires manual adjustments on Sisi compared to TQ).

sorry for the delay i have been working and have not been on thanks for your time i hope they mirror the servers soon so i can help test new stuff with yall

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I can not login to SiSi at all - its so frustrating

Several things can prevent you from getting on SiSi

  1. You were created after the mirror (2/15/21)
  2. You were created before the mirror, but changed your TQ password after.
  3. Your char was created before the mirror, but you bought it from someone after the mirror.

So when is the next mirror?

Typically it’s 3-4 months between mirrors, last was 2/15 so the next one is quite possibly in June. They don’t announce mirrors until after the fact, or if they make one for testing

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