I cannot log into Singularity

Had a chat with GM BigBear and told me he cannot help me out, sent me here instead,
I changed password some months ago and asked him the previous one but he cant tell me that one either, also told me that the password change is not the problem, so I’m here to see if we can figure something out, thanks.

Outside of password change, not sure why you cant get into it. Unless you were banned from it. Which he would have told you that. Hold on for another week or so and when the new mirror hits, see if you can get in.

Idk, just first time trying to log into, never used the test server.

That may be why then. Youve never logged in so the password change should still affect it. Mirrors are every 3-4 months and we should be due for one

Not the help i was looking for.

I also had a try on singularity a few weeks ago… I couldn’t get in it too. And my account is something like 2,5 years old, no password changed etc etc…
I’m not a frequent player, but I don’t think it may impact the possibility to access to it, so I don’t understand where is the problem
I’m not omega (in general)… could this be the reason?

No omega wouldnt keep you out of sisi

Unless I mistaken with another game that has a test server as well: are you playing through Steam?

No. But I run Eve under linux (ubuntu)… don’t know if this may have an impact, it would not I guess

I can’t log in either, any word on the next mirroring?

I am also curious to when the next replication is. I am looking forward to testing some fits on the test server but my character has only been active after the last mirror.

Should be anytime soon

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