Issues with login in to singularity

hey ive been having an issue on the login to singularity test server
its been giving an error that either my username or password is not correct, while it is correct,
its really giving a big impact on the gameplay because I cant test things out =/
hope you can help me here.
thanks in advance

Have you changed your password in the last few months? The Sisi database only gets updated every 3-4 months and any changes or new accounts that happen between the mirrors, won’t affect Sisi until a new mirror is applied.

I did changed my pass because I forgot it. so that means im staying locked from test server until they update it again ?

Or you could try your old password.

ive changed because I didn’t remember it

Then yes, you don’t have access to Sisi until CCP does a new mirror. Most likely won’t be until January.

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