Can't Log Into Singularity

I am unable to log into Singularity currently and I have logged onto the test server in the past. My account was created over 3 years ago. I am not using STEAM so that is not the issue. I know I changed my password recently but I am not sure if it was before or after the last mirror. I don’t remember my old password, so trying that is not an option.

Do I have to wait for the next mirror before I can log into Singularity or is there any way for me to get it to accept my current password and allow me to log in?

Got the same problem.
I get back to game after loong break ( 5 years ) got omega acc from like 2 month’s and cant log to test serwer.
Do we have to wait for another mirror , if so is there any info when it would happen, or is there another way to log there.

I can not get in either have been active on 2 accounts for over a year…won’t take my passwords etc.

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