Can't login in Singularity

Good evening, I have a problem logging in the test server. When I enter data to log in, I leave the window telling me that my username and / or password is wrong. With the same data normally within “Tranquility”. The account was created for just over 40 days. How can I fix it?

Same with me, only my account was created more recently. I wonder if another account is required to log into singularity?

Singularity isn’t updated all the time. CCP mirrors the database when they have time/they need it. If you didn’t have a account before the last mirror, you don’t have access to Singularity

Would you happen to have a rough estimate of how long the wait periods are between each mirror? I’m itching to field test some fits without having to lose millions if they don’t work.

3-4 months… usually after a major release… last mirror was in August, so probably soon…

I also can’t log in to Singularity but can for Tranquility. I have updated my password, but Singularity is not recognizing it.

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I can not log in to singularity as well but due to license agreement update as there is no accept button for me.

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Same issue - Account is 1 year old

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Same issue here. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you hold down the Tab key, it should scroll down to the hidden buttons.

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