Login Issue

I have 3 accounts that I can play on Tranquility, but I cannot login to a single one of them on testserver - client claims Invalid username/password.
The accounts are like 2 months old, the login information works on the live server.

Maybe the account it’s too young ? i Can ask for a porting or i have to wait ?

Ty all, o7.

If the account was created after this:

Then yes you will have to wait until November/December most likely.
Mirrors are done every 3-4 months, or unless they need it done before a mass test.

The last 3 mirrors were:

The one for 8/10 was specifically right before a major mass test
So the next one could be end of Nov or early Dec.

There are a possibility to ask dev for a porting ? Or i can only wait ?

they do not just mirror one person, they have to do the entire server so yes you will have to wait.

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