Login on my account on singulartity

Hello when i want to log in on singularity it tell my invalid user or passowrd. but i use the correct on that give me acces on tranquility
Tahnk you for your help

Did you change your password in the last week?
Or is it a new account in the past week?

the account and caracter has been created the 27/02/2023 9.34 am
I haven’t change the password.

Lol. You created it on the day of the new mirror. So you wont have access until the next one.

The test server takes up to 5 days to mirror the main server.

So the window to have a new char on the test server would have been at least the 22nd of feb.

ok but i can’t log in and we are the 11/03 so what is the problem ?

You wont be able to. You created your account AFTER the mirror was done. You will have to wait 3 months unless ccp magically adds you to the server, and they normally dont.

When you say they normaly don’t ? do you mean maybe i will not be able to connect in 3 month ?

anytime a new mirror is done, all characters that were created before that snapshot, is added to the new mirror.

I was referring to, i’ve only seen one or two times they’ve manually added a char to the test server specificially for a mass test, outside of that, they will not add a single character to the test server… so you will have to wait 3-5 months

is there any way to ask it to them ?

Where i can’t try to contact them please?


this is true but your character has to be 3 months old first reguardless of the mirror if i understand the thing right it says somewhere that states this fact if im not mistaken. but with that new of a character it wont do much for you in reguards to flying things unles you inject yourself

thank you. when i clic on it i see there profil but i don’t find where i can write to them ?

i dont think you can i think you just have to wait for them to contact you here on the thread


but I do wanna make a point that we are not entitled to have access to SiSi. SiSi is for testing by devs, but they just happen to give us access. at this point you may just have to wait until the next mirror.

Accessing Singularity

In order to access the Singularity server you need to have an account on Tranquility. The account needs to have been created before the time when the current mirror was taken. The account state will be the same as it was when the mirror was taken.

So as i said, since the mirror was released on 2/27 they’d have needed to be created and on TQ by 2/21 or 2/22

This entire process can take up to 3 days, then the Singularity server is open for public.

the support team will tell you that they have no control over the test server and to go to the forms

but how they will see the post ?


There i tagged a ccp for you

thank you