Singularity Improvement idea


Hi Developers

For several months now I have not been able to login to Singularity. (I think approximately 6)

My login works fine on Tranquility but the login client wont let me log into Singularity and keeps saying wrong password.

I am not a programmer so I do not know how much work this will take but I would like to give an idea.

Could you guys separate the login database from the game database, and have the login database mirror say once every 3 days so that people who unfortunately have to change passwords don’t have to wait months?

Thanks Developers !

If you recently changed your TQ password since the last mirror, then your previous TQ password is your current SISI password.

SISI was just mirrored so you should be able to login

Your old password remains valid on Sisi if it is changed on TQ after the last mirror. However, Sisi was just mirrored again on 6/26, so this should be fixed for you if that was the problem.

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