Test Server Singularity Not working

Hi How can I log into test test server I am having trouble logging in, I have logged into steam and permanently removed game and from programs too and reinstalled too. However I am not getting much luck any help be appreciated so I can use test server.



Bottom right in the launcher, select Singularity.

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Steam logins to Sisi are broken right now, with no estimate of when that will be fixed.

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Is there any other way to log in please apart from steam please, I tried add account too and typed in username and password but it’s not logging in, keeps saying login details incorrect when they are not. Cheers.

When Steam connectivity is broken - be it on Sisi or TQ, the backup is to set up an EVE username as outlined here https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203523662-Setting-an-account-name-for-Accounts-created-through-STEAM

In Sisi’s case, that can only be picked up at the next mirror, so if you did it today the credentials wouldn’t work until September-ish.

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