Steam player unable to log in to Singularity

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Since Singularity is finally open, one would assume that there’s a new mirror and any account made before today would be able to access it. But here’s the problem. I can’t.

From the Steam part, I don’t actually have an username, so I looked up and came upon this link: Setting an account name for Accounts created through STEAM – EVE Online

Okay, cool, I tried that and it doesn’t work. When I “log in” through Steam, it directs me to an error page saying this: Steam Error - "We are currently in the process of creating your EVE account. Please try again in a few minutes" – EVE Online

That’s the same error page that came up when I tried to log in before this mirror, which wouldn’t have worked because my account is new, but it should’ve worked on this one.

Can any devs chime in? It’s kinda ridiculous to see so many threads about this over the years and not one real answer how to fix it.

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When did you create the account name on TQ?

Also, there has not been a new mirror - the last mirror was on February 15 with data from a few days before that. Anything created/updated after about February 10 isn’t on Sisi yet.


I am also having trouble logging in… I have been on Sisi multiple times before… my alt accounts work but my main which is through steam when i go to log in it just shows a little error about the steam log in and thats it… doesnt do anything

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Something happened with the mirror and steam account won’t work. Considering you all end up making eve accounts anyway, idk why y’all don’t just play on eves own account

I sent in a support ticket earlier about this and was told “The test server is primarily for the developers to test upcoming features and as such is provided as an “as is” service, with the unintended benefit of allowing players to perform their personal tests. This means that any issues with accessing the test server is not something that the Player Experience or Quality Assurance teams can assist with.”. So my guess is that this isn’t a very big issue and may or may not get fixed later. My steam account used to work on the test server as well just a month or 2 ago, and so it may comeback and start working again in near future.

It broke with the recent mirror. so next mirror it could be fixed.

There is another thread that was posted earlier with a lot more information that I just found below this one. You can visit it here: Cannot log into test server

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