Cannot log into test server

i cannot login via the steam connection on the SISI server.

anyone know a fix? i get “error” on the steam login page, and thats it.

Thanks, jamie.


As best I can recall off the top of my head, Sisi has no live connection to Steam, so the login process cannot complete. You would have to set an account name for your EVE Online account and then wait for the next mirror for that data to be copied over to log in to Singularity.

seems this is not a local issue, but nobody from steam can log into sisi

That would just mean that they would have to start a new account since there current one is linked too steam. Also im having the problem as well my steam account could access sisi last copy but not this copy guess we have to wait for ccp to fix that.

@CCP_Habakuk steam users having issues logging into SiSi

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Yeah, I cant login with steam.

Worked before.

Client version: 1908069
Launcher version: 1902445
Launcher UI Version: 6.5.4

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Same for me. Worked before the mirror, does not work anymore.

@Brisc_Rubal could you doublecheck that with CCP? Steam accounts cant log into Sisi since the mirror a few days ago. If you created an extra login for your steam account before the mirror, you can use that, other users cant log in right now. You get an error, once you are on the steam page to confirm the log in.
Sucks a bit, cause i wanted to test the cloak structures with corpmates.


Current steam accounts can have an EVE login ID created - as others have shown, if you do this, you aren’t dependent on steam connectivity working to login.

From the sounds of things it normally does work but right now is broken. If you want to be sure your login to Sisi (and TQ) is not vulnerable to issues between Steam and CCP, follow the steps in the resource I linked. You can still use the same account with Steam but it adds a backup option for login when CCP and Steam aren’t talking.

Once set, it will be possible to log into the account using the new account name and password within the game launcher as well, should a log in through STEAM not be possible for any reason.

Yeah, I just created the ID… lame that we will have to wait for another mirror.

Hopefully connectivity can be restored for Steam logins before then, but it might not be a high priority depending on # of users impacted and how much effort is involved in kicking that function back into shape.

I believe they are aware of this, but I’ll let them know again.


Thank you so much i was sad i would have to wait another 3-4 months to use sisi XD

So, i dont know if im blind or what, but i cant set a username. It literally says “Username - Steam User”

AM i blind?

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Been having similar issue where it’s asking for my login, I sign through steam but when I click sign in it just says error. It worked couple of days ago.

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same, steam login → error… please fix!

After creating a username via the instructions on CCP’s support page, you would enter the username when not using the Steam login option. I cannot tell you what the steps are to get there - I don’t use Steam. Note that the username won’t be on Sisi until the next mirror, but you can use it on TQ immediately to confirm setup worked.

did that already and it’s not on test since it just mirror’d… as a CUSTOMER I am pissed something that worked a week ago isn’t working and NOT A WORD from admins about when they’ll fix it. I am SICK of us steam users are treated like a red headed step child… we don’t get any of the specials u get from CCP directly… they should also work on mirroring all sales to steam :stuck_out_tongue:

I just buy it from their website and use my steam wallet when there is a sale. Always works for me.

Aren’t the sales available to everyone simply by logging in to the EVE website? You can use your Steam wallet from the EVE website directly: Steam Wallet – EVE Online

I also cannot join through steam, I get a yellow error on the sign in screen on steam.