Cannot log into test server

Same for me, it does not allow me to do so either.

I thought since I created my acct w/steam that everyone used to say only items purchased from steam work on stream created account… ie ccp purchase won’t apply.

CCP seems to think otherwise, since their help file says you can login to the website with your Steam credentials and make purchases with your Steam wallet. Perhaps folks are giving you outdated information?

Even im unable to log ccp plz help

I made username through the website so when is the next mirror happening?

Probably will be a few months - September is the most likely.

Same problem here. Annoying it was broken, since it worked fine last mirror. I made an account name and password to avoid it happening again, but of course that won’t work until the next mirror. Oh well.

Still broken 3 days later.

@ccp please fix even we want the test server and not wait for 4 more months :frowning:

Still not able to log in.

Still. Sad, times. indeed.