Can't login to TEST servers

I’m using a steam account…and I noticed I can’t login to TEST servers for few weeks…I’ve log in to TEST servers successfully several times at May by this account… So it’s really weird …
When I click login … it shows “STEAM :XXXXXX could not be authenticated. Please clink add account and enter the credentials for this account”… But when I try to add account … It’s always shows “error”…
Really can’t figure out that…and… really wanna use TEST services …
Help QwQ…!


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Steam connectivity to Sisi has been broken since the last mirror (June 1st). No ETA on a fix. If you have an EVE Username already configured for your account (set up before the last mirror) you can use that to login to the test server on your account.

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I have the same issue. I have made a username to log in, but it doesn’t allow me to log in with the error “invalid username/password” even though I can log in on the live server.

Did you create the username before the June 1st mirror, or after? If after, you won’t be able to use it on Sisi until the next mirror.

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Ok. So just wait and try next month?

Next mirror, which will probably be about 3 months. In the meantime, you just have to hope CCP decodes to fix the broken connection to Steam.

the same here. CCP PLZ FIX

yea, extremely poor show for ccp not fixing something that has worked 4ever. fix the steam login to test plz! darnit

I am currently having this problem, could anyone advise me how to fix it or should I wait for them to fix it on their servers?

There will be a new mirror next week (to support the native mac client mass test) and we are all hoping that will fix the steam issue.

What? Extremely poor showing for CCP that they haven’t fixed something on the TEST server? You mean the server you aren’t actually entitled to?

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New mirror has dropped. Once out of vip mode, try to see if you can log in

Currently having this issue with my Steam account after the recent down time on Singularity. my other account which is not Steam was able to log in as normal.

The last mirror June 1, had steam users bugged from logging in. In the new mirror update, CCP said it should be sorted out

I’ll keep trying but i was getting the error message when connecting through Steam.
I did have to relog both accounts in, the non-steam account worked, while the Steam account got the error.
Thought i’d raise it as something that may need another look at :slight_smile:

Reply to CCP in the new mirror thread that you can’t log in

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