Can't login to Sisi for days now *Login failure"

I just returned to game after some years now. I’d like to test some features on Sisi but it seems i’m not able to log in. Tried couple of times.

If you are using steam, that is why you cannot log in. Plus I think CCP took it down a few days ago

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Nah, i’m not Steam user. But i still can’t log in for couple of days. Looking at server status it is on:

and over 100 ppl are online there.

Idk other than the steam issue, did you change your TQ password since June 1? That will lock you out until the next mirror as well

No i didn’t. It is weird and official CCP support told me “sorry, we are helping with TQ issues only”.
I lost Sacri and Gila in TQ Abyss, i need to do some tests in Sisi before i get back there.

Not really weird that you were told that they don’t continually mess with singularity. The only time they really mess with singularity is with either Mass testing or when they mirror it from tranquility. So no they do not support singularity like they do the main server

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Were you ever able to find a solution to this?

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