Can't login to SiSi. Recieving message LOGIN FAILED:

Hi, since yesterday i can’t login to SiSi. I see 30-60 people on server but every time i’m trying to login, i’m receiving this message in the client:

LOGIN FAILED: The supplied authentication token does not allow for EVE client login. Please ensure that you are logging in via the EVE launcher. If this problem persist, please contact EVE customer support.


I filed the ticket to Support Service but they said they’re not providing support for test servers and recommended to me to write on the forum so their QA dept. could react and study this problem.

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This is happening on the main server right now. Just after reboot.

Yeah, got this too.

Indeed … same here…

I have the same problem with Singularity

Hi all i have the same problem for login on TQ

Same with me and my corp mates however it looks like there is 2300 in game

In game or on there character in game … might all be watching the screenabove :s

Same story, guys - now TQ is infected with the same desease. Well, at least i have a pretext now, to file another one ticket to Support, coz now it’s a Main Server problem, not a Test one. =\

Happens to me too,
Workaround is here Log in broken?

Yeah, got this too.

same, but i had just given out api scope authorizations for the first time so lol I thought my account was being hacked so frantically logged onto website to change my password and delete scopes

Having the same issue with the main server too.

Removing the account from the launcher and re adding appears to have fixed the issue

Thy, it works!

Works also for me!

Worked for me aswell ( removing account)

Not for me.
Usernamed - password - enter … and nothing happens :confused:

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