Can't log on to SiSi

I recently fixed my live server accounts to update my email address to a current one I use. I HATE that ‘code’ email . At least you should have the option of texting it to a phone number. Your captcha when you try to log in from the game doesn’t work either. Thank goodness its not implemented everywhere!

Anyway, my SiSi log points to an old email and I can’t log in. The support ticket folks say they say they can’t help me change my test server login. In fact, I don’t ever think Ive successfully logged into SiS in a decade. Generally I get disenfranchised by ‘wait for a mirror’ and unsub…

Will someone please help fix my account login?

You sound like you are entitled if you cant “wait for a mirror”. They graciously allow us unfettered access to the test server unlike most other companies who allow access just on a needed basis.

Right now SISI is in VIP mode last i recalled so nobody has access. But considering a mirror is due, you could potentially have your access granted

But because SISI is a copy of the main game, it makes sense that if you change emails etc from TQ that your old stuff should be used on Sisi until its mirrored

So yes get disenfranchised all you want, but you gotta wait until a new mirror. SISI doesnt get support like the main game

Hello again Capsuleer,

If you need to resolve login issues with the Singularity Test Server, this would need to be posted on the ‘Test Server Feedback’ section of the forums at the following URL:

Test Server Feedback

As we can only assist you in regards the Tranquility server. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best Regards,
GM Shiroyan
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

I would have submitted a ticket but that function isn’t accessible if you can’t log into SiSi. If the GM gave me incorrect information, than I’ll refer him to you so you can set him straight. Thanks!

The only “ticket” option available on SISI is bug report.

I said in my previous reply that SiSi doesn’t get the same support as TQ

sisi is open ?

The Sisi server was active from end of Feb (server mirror) to early June. It was active for four months. You missed it.
And yes, you have to wait for the next mirror if you wanna log in using new email. There’s no other way.

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