Cant log in to test server

(RainReaper) #1

My password need to be updated on the test server as it seems my current password dosent work.

(Tiddle Jr) #2

got similar issue, any could clarify?

(Meio Rayliegh) #3

i hjave the same problem never could connect to the singularity server don’t know why but my character and password are not recognize…

(Major Marshmellow) #4

Have you tried removing your saved credentials and reentering them? Worked for me.

(Meio Rayliegh) #5

don’t understand what is credentials

(Major Marshmellow) #6

Account name and password.

(GolgothA Aldara) #7

Same problem here. Have not been able to login to SiSi since I started playing again in October.

(Ivanova Antoinette) #8

I continue to have the same issue. I have tried re-copying my credentials from Tranquility and I still receive message that says ‘invalid username/password’. I have logged onto Singularity in the past but have changed my password on Tranquility recently. I would really like to log on and see the structure changes for myself. The account I am using is about 5 years old and has been active the entire time.

(Meio Rayliegh) #9

i type them but i don’t am recognize by the server

(Devylman) #10

I have the same issue, cant log into in any of my accounts :frowning:

(system) #11

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