Unable to login

I couldn´t log into Sinq for months now, says wrong password/username.
I changed my password a while back but neither the new nor the old one works.
Or is it due to my authentificator?
Or the fact that i was alpha for 1 month or so? (I am omega for 12 days or so now)

Hello. I wanted to try out something at the test server but I can’t log in. It always say that my Password or Login might be wrong. I can log into EVE web site with no problem. I’ve changed my password several times and every time I can log into web but not Singularity. Not sure about the main server because my account is Pinned so I don’t have to type password every time. Please tell me what is wrong?

Best Regards

I can log in into main server with no problem. I unpinned this character and tried to log in with existing password and it works. I’ve tried my other characters to log in into Singularity and it works. I’ve tried to log in with alpha characters I have and it works too. But I can’t log in with this one for some reason. And it’s been like that since I made this char (About 1,5 months). Any thoughts?

Sisi uses an old database and you need to use the password that was used when the mirror was made (in this case september)

There will be a new mirror this week which should then update the password to your current one on TQ

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