Can’t log into sisy

Hi I’m a returning player recently and have an omega clone and have tried logging into the test server many times and all I get is unknown username and password. But I use the same credentials for my regular omega account. I was told that maybe I have to wait for the new meiror but I have no idea when that is and if that’s my problem.

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I am having the same issue. Its a shame you cant submit a ticket for these things as I was told to report it here after trying to submit one. I see you have and no responses in 10 days… Very disheartening.

I asked 6 days ago on my own thread when the next mirror would be and didn’t get anything from CCP…

New mirror should be this week. We are hoping for Tuesday 18th September 2018. This is subject to change.

If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know. Please also note, if you have changed your password on TQ, this does not carry over UNTIL a new mirror. Before the new mirror that will be applied, if you have changed your password on TQ, you will have to use your old password on Singularity.

Reply from CCP Claymore in another thread. The latest mirror didn’t address it but its being looked into now.

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