Login Issues - I hope this is the right place!

I am trying very hard to get into the Singularity server. I have an Omega account. I have gone through updates. I’ve followed each post I found through the rabbit hole doing step after step to get in. I’m a former white and black box software tester so I know how things are supposed to work. But I really need to be able to get into the game to test. It sounds wonderful and I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy it also!

When was your account created?

Also, the correct forum area is Test Server Feedback (EVE Technology and Research Center).

you were created 3/29/2021 you won’t have access to SiSi until the next Mirror. The previous Mirror was 2/15/2021. The next one should be soon in the next month or so

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I think you can ask in a ticket (F12 in game) if CCP may copy your accout to SiSi, it’s worth a try.

They don’t do that. It’s not as simple as /copy skills etc to move a whole character over.

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