Requesting Singularity access

I can’t connect to SiSi.

I remenber that a thread existed where we ask for our account to be activated on SiSi, but i can’t find it anymore, and there’re no words about it on wiki.

With some searching, accounts are just copied with miror, so i should be able to connect, my account is 5 years old.
Even if i came back 2 weeks ago i should be able to connect with at worst Alpha state.

Yeah, same Issue here says wrong password or ID doesn’t exist. Was hoping to get early out from work Tuesday to attend the mass test. A Link like that would be Epic. Cool idea for CCP to gain is if you were to, (for example) make this request there could be a facebook/(insert SM here) pre-typed message.

“Gonna hop on this great Massively -Multiplayer space game and test some SHINEY WEAPONS on their test server. Just returned back to the game after a few (insert: months or years) and CCP games is taking the time to upload my account to the server as I am Posting this. How Wonderful of them!!!”

Just an idea of Us helping CCP get more players therefore in turn getting us more content. :grinning:

The last mirror was March 21 - the image was probably take a few days before that. If you account existed when the image was taken if will be on Singularity with the credentials you were using at that time.

If not, you’ll need to wait for the next mirror - probably June or July. They can’t (or at least don’t) add people individually.

Bear in mind that Singularity is a QA server for developers - not a content server for players. It isn’t part of the service you are paying for with your subscription.

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