Requesting Singularity Access

Hello, I’ve started to play EVE again, last time being 2014. I’m trying to sign into Singularity however I had to change my password and now no longer remember the old password so I cant login. I was hoping to get my information updated to get some access please. :slight_smile:

Your account will be added to Singularity with the next mirror. The last mirror was June 3, next one probably won’t be until September. If you started playing in May, your new credentials should work. - depends when they took the snapshot.

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to get onto the test server, now when I login I get asked for a verification code, which I never get. I’ve made sure email address is correct, and I’ve checked my spam/junk folder… anybody who can shed light on this would be appreciated greatly

2FA is borked on SISI, read back through this forum and you will see plenty of posts about it.

Only option as far as I know is to stop using 2FA.

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