Login problems for Singularity

The launcher is currently not allowing to login to Singularity, as our internal services fail to talk to each other. We hope that we can resolve this soon.

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yeah… still no working…=(

click the “E” in the corner, server list then play on sisi


kicking myself… ty

These issues have been resolved now. Sorry for this long outage!


Still experience problems connecting to SiSi. Says Invalid username/password although my toon dates back to 2010 and I have no problems connecting to Tranquility

Have you changed your password recently? If so try the old one.

I used the one to login to Tranquility to no avail. Changed it - the same thing :frowning:

Yes but the database on SISI could be a month or two old, therefore if you have changed your password since that mirror was taken it would not be changed on SISI.

How do we get 2FA disabled on Sisi?

I’ve brought this issue to Guard’s attention. Hopefully we can get some feedback on it soon.

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I can log in, and get as far as Done Processing Bulk Data, the mouse cursor is redefined, then it hangs on the black screen before I see my character.

Mine just hangs on a black screen - left it for a good while before closing the client as it doesnt seem to make any progress

the same problem I can not go to the server, not the correct username or password. password changed a couple of months ago. the old password also does not fit

hi. I get “Error, not ready to play” when I try to fire up Sisi. Tried repair cache and so on…

Hi I’m experiencing problems logging in SiSi me too (I never log on before). Invalid username/password, is the message.
PS: I tried both the new and old password and nothing change

I would love you forever if you could get 2FA disabled on Sisi in general. That has got to be the single biggest hurdle for folks trying to get into Sisi. Password changes crop up now and then, but 2FA always seems to give people trouble. If they can’t make it work right, then just disable it. It’s not like I’m worried someone will hack my Sisi acct and steal all my testing loot. =)

I’ve asked for this - trying to get some more attention on it.

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