Next mirror?

Any approximate date set for the next mirror ? I haven’t played in years & would love to come back and try stuff out! Not sure how often mirrors happen or when the last one was, but would like re-subscribe to EVE Online a bit before the copy of TQ takes place so i can join the Singularity server with my account :slight_smile:

Considering it’s free to play, you can visit Sisi anytime you want. You’ll just show up as an Alpha (F2P) clone. Then you buy a few Freighters for 100 isk each, sell them to existing Buy orders for big bucks, and use all that to PLEX yourself into an Omega.

Even PLEX only costs 100 isk per unit. One level 1 mission will set you up for a month.

Thanks for the reply! I tried signing into Singularity, but i keep getting the message “login failed - a possible reason could be invalid username password” . But when i try signing into TQ server, it works 100% fine.
So then i tried signing into TQ server first & switch to singularity, but as i switched server, my account signed out instantly. I don’t exist or something in Singularity, maybe i need to be activated there somehow ?

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Getting into Sisi is a little bit tricky… Because CCP is terrible at their jobs, and won’t fix the Launcher properly.

Open the launcher, and then click the little settings icon top right. Go to Server Settings. It should list TQ and Sisi, with a button next to either one that says “Play” or “Launch” or whatever (not at home to tell you precisely lol). Once that opens, you can log into Sisi directly, rather than putting creds into the Launcher and letting it log in for you.

Thank you !! I’ll try that once i’m home aswell. It definitely seemed a bit buggy trying to sign into the singularity server :confused: Hopefully this will solve it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s still not working, i manage to get to the login-screen & when i enter my username & password, it says it’s wrong. :frowning: It’s obviously the correct login-info, but it’s still saying it’s wrong

could be a previous password that you had used before.

Sisi was just mirrored in March I believe, so it may be a few months before it’s mirrored again.

It’s the same password i use when i try signing into either of the servers, i even changed my password twice, and STILL saying it’s wrong LOL o.O

Could it be that the password i need for Sisi is gonna be the same password i had prior the last mirror ? Because i did change it 3 days ago (forgot my password since i didn’t play for years).

thats what i was getting at… a previously used password, since you recently changed it, that one won’t work, it would have been what your password was prior to the last mirror.

It worked beautifully! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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