Password not valid (Test Server: Singularity)

Hello, I have not played for a long time and decided to give the game another chance. Activated omega status. I built an expensive ship to navigate the abysses on it, and came to the conclusion that it makes sense to remember the buttons and mechanics on the test server. But when I try to log in, they tell me that the password is incorrect. Help me please, without a test, I can’t do anything but spin the ship in the hangar, all my actions are paralyzed. Thank you very much in advance!

If you changed your password upon returning, you wont have access until the next mirror which could be later this month or early next month

Unless you can remember your old password

And it’s probably unlikely that an ordinary peasant dares to hope that a superman from technical support will condescend to throw one line of text from tranquility to singularity? To give the serf the opportunity to play the game.

They won’t even answer you, everyone is busy with the problem of players leaving.

Nope, you are stuck til the next mirror, it takes several days to set the mirror up

problem solved

Well if they didn’t nerf production and mining then people wouldn’t be. There should have never been a “waste” factor with mining.

If they feel it’s needed, they need to put skills/modules to reduce that waste. They keep making mistakes and now you need a force recon to drop cynos, having a capital ship is almost pointless.

New mirror today

I am having this issue as well. When will the next mirror be? My Corp is practicing for the Angergames, and I can’t participate until I am able to log into Sisi.

Roughly every 3-4 months. Since we just had one in February, I wouldn’t expect another until May or June. Small chance of one in April if there is a massive change that CCP needs tested and they aren’t getting enough people on current mirror.

went to log into test server to do a tutorial twitch stream,

Password incorrect every time i try until , you have entered wrong password try again in a few mins.

im using the correct password , i can log into eve website and eve tranquility , BUT the test server wont work . and trying to change password throws up a connection timed out.

Please fix this annoying rubbish, i should NOT have to change my password just to log into your test server

If you changed your password since the last mirror, you wont be able to log in until you remember the old password.

Also you sound entitled. You have no guarantee to have access to the test server

I have a similar problem. I resumed the game after a long break on February 27. But I didn’t seem to change the password. I don’t understand why an error about an incorrect password is issued during authorization…

Did you change your TQ password though? Some people assume changing one changes the other, thats only true at mirror.

It wouldnt throw a password error without the password being incorrect.

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