Need help with account on test server

I replied to an earlier thread about a connection issue, but haven’t yet received a response, or fixed the issue getting onto the sever. I get a user name, password invalid response when attempting to log in , and password reset fails to connect to the server for action. My account has never been un-subbed, or in an alpha state. What do I need to do to get back onto the test server? Thanks , Strom

Either you’ve been kicked out of the test server or you dont have an account on there until the next mirror lol

OK, well helpful, I have no notice of being kicked off the server and I have had access for years. Also an active account for the last 10 years so not sure how I missed being copied during the last mirror. So ,hey thanks for your time in responding so helpfully. Guess i’ll just wait for next mirroring and test the new content when it goes live.

Ok, so there has been a new mirror posted but I still get bad user name\ password, and reset link is till broken. No login issue with tranquility on either on my account, but no SISI access. Can some one please help me fix the issue, Thanks Strom

Bump, Still require the help of someone from CCP. Thx

Me too, I experienced the same problem.

So still no Access even after a mirror and a few bumps… How do i get CCP Habakkuk attention?

Your problem is usually caused by using a new password when the server is still looking for an older one. Try some older passwords.

Good thought, but have already tried that. If it was some thing i could fix , with old PW, client state check, uninstall\reinstall, default reset. there would be no need for the post… Also it’s a problem across several accounts, one of which has had same PW since creation. So still waiting on someone at ccp that “can” help to do so. Thx, Strom

Oddly enough it seems to have worked it self out, not sure what or why but i’ll take it. Rechecked all PW, client cache files, reset, change language , uninstall\ reinstall, default settings. Best of luck to those still locked out, Strom

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