Cannot log into SISI

Log in Issue -

I have ‘incorrect username/password’ and I can’t seem to log in using my new password or my old one. My old one worked before the SISI sync but now doesn’t.

I’m hoping someone can help or advise me as i’ve raised a tickets and CCP cannot help and said come here.

I would like to join the AT practice scrims with the guys.

Any help woudl be appreciated or should i delete the game and give up?


are you on steam?

Yes, I have steam. This account isn’t through it though, it is direct onto launcher.

yea CCP can’t help due to limited resources on SiSi… If you didn’t change your password since the last mirror, then you should be able to get on SiSi… If you changed it during the time they were possibly copying the mirror (3 day window) then yea you are out of luck…

Yeah it was changed a few weeks ago and not during the mirror.

RIP me and my AT participation I guess.

Thanks for replying dude.

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