Can't login to test server

I tried to contact support but he said I have to use a forum and can’t find support for the issue.
I had to change my username from a random Steam ID to an actual username. I’ve only been playing for 11 days and my corp wants me to join the test server so I can actually learn without losing millions of isk in the abyss each run. Support said my login info will be updated at “some point”, can this happen now lol? I just want to practice and learn, which is a must have for this game. Otherwise the entire experience is ruined with every death. What can I do? & Can the devs help in any way? thank you.

You will have to wait for the next database sync.

What you do is play the game. It is nice that ccp keeps the test server online most of the time, but we aren’t entitled to its usage.

Wondering when the next sync will be, which is why I posted. not like I’ll get a notification when it syncs or something, so I need to know when if possible. It is nice if I can use it, but I can’t, therefore idk how nice it is. all I know is I can’t use it and it would make this game a hell of a lot less angering as a newbro. thanks for uh, not at all helping I guess? I’ll wait for information that will actually help. o/

They are usually every 3-4 months. Somewhere on this forum they post when they last synced. I can’t look and post at the same time on my phone

And I may not be a newbro but I still had to learn from scratch like everyone else when abysmal sites came out. And I did it on the real server.

And the most important thing to understand is the test server is for testing new features of the game. Not for your own personal testing. So if can do that great, but don’t expect it will always be there or you are entitled to it as your personal playground.

Understanding and accepting that will make you happier

The last mirror was June 1 2021… So yea… you got 3-4 months waiting time for the next mirror…

if your corp is so supportive of you, then when you lose a ship, that you probably don’t really have the skills to fly in abyssals, they should be helping to replace a ship…

As derath stated, the test server is not really used for us to test things on our own, its more for CCP to have mass tests for us to test things that they release or for them to try things out.

They cannot just add one account to the mirror, so there is no “updating” you so you can join the test server. You will have to wait on everyone else.

This game is not frustrating for a newbro if they are in a corp that will actually support and help them, not just push them off into the test server.

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yeah I’ve went from T0 to T2 abyss in a matter of 36 hours, also on main server. So I’ve learned and am learning. The difference between real server and test server is the price of things, not as if learning will be any different or less of a curve. there’s no discredit, very seasoned 5+ years players are recommending me to the test server, so I’ll take their advice and learn the fun way. either way if it’s open to us as a test server of our own, then atleast for that time being, it is a personal playground and a personal testing ground. idk why you’re against it, or think it’s a negative thing to use the test server when they specifically opened it to us for that exact reason: use. but thanks anyways for the recommendation, enjoy your time on the forums telling newbros what’s right and wrong!

also, they don’t have to replace the ship. with just over 1billion isk as of 2 days ago, I can afford it myself. My corp is very supportive, thank you. I have the skills, plenty of the skills. The corp wanted to bring me into the test server to show me things I haven’t done so I can learn without losing constantly. which again, there is nothing wrong with that. you seem a bit salty for someone on forums trying to give bs uneducated advice. maybe you should stick to the game and mind your own. play where and how you’d like, and I will to. again, the salt seems a bit strong. maybe take a break and get some sleep buddy.

Ah so a 11 day old wallet warrior.

the test server is not your personal testing ground.

While we have no problems with people using the server to try out ships and modules that they are interested in, we need to emphasize that this is not the purpose of the server.

Singularity and any other test servers we give players access to are maintained by us for one purpose: To test out new or updated features/systems/items and how they interact with existing features/systems/items. And when we say test, we mean find bugs and other unforeseen issues.

We hugely appreciate anyone that spends time on Singularity testing out new things, providing bug reports and feedback. That being said, it’s purpose isn’t to entertain people. TQ is for fun, Singularity is for making sure the changes that make it to TQ are as bug/issue free as possible. I hope this clear things up for you.

You are not entitled to SiSi. if you have billions of isk and skills, then you shouldn’t have any problems with losing ships in abyssal since you seem to know already what the hell to do.

I’m not against it. If you want to use it that’s fine. Personally I generally like to play the game the way it it intended.

My main point to get across is that at this point you are going to have to wait probably a few months until the account sync happens again. And the second point is that the test server is first and formost for CCP to test new code, not for us to play. So if you can get on great, but if you can’t at some point dont get upset thinking you are entitled to access to it whenever you want.

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