Please let me in the Test Server

This BUG about people whom return or are new to the game that cant login to the test server because you dont update user database on it is simply shameful. Its there since the binning of time.

New users or users that returned to the game are in obvious disadvantage to all other users this way. Obviously game experience is not the same for us.

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If you contact support regarding this matter they refuse to help you. This is what I got as a replay.

Access to the Sisi server is not a right. Players are not guaranteed access to any non-production environment. New players are also not generally ideal or even highly desired testers, so adding more frequent mirroring (which is exceedingly time consuming and takes developers away from actually developing the game) is not going to benefit the development process.

Returning players can always access Sisi with their existing accounts. You can copy over skills from TQ using an in-server command, and upgrade your Sisi account to Omega for free using seeded PLEX that costs 100 isk each.

come on, stop whining
“are in obvious disadvantage to all other users this way”… wow, such a disadvantage!
as someone above answered to you, you are wrong, old players can join sisi,.And, Imo, new players have so many things to learn first on the real server…

I am returning player and I cant access SISI nor get the support about it.

They don’t need to clone SISI more often but only to do the update of the user database, which can be done for a single user only too.

The user database is deeply connected to the rest of the server - assets are all over the place, after all.

What issue are you having when trying to connect to Sisi? If you changed your password on TQ when returning, your old password will still be in place on Sisi. I have to remember that my TQ and Sisi password are out of sync, but that’s honestly not a big deal - I can still access Sisi.

It copied my clone as an alpha and im a returning player and they told me i have to wait for the next cloning before it will go back to omega. So yes old returning players are at a disadvantage.

Singularity is a development QA server, not a production server. We’re allowed on because the devs need guinea pigs to test their code before it’s deployed to TQ. Mirrors tend to be quarterly - you can find out when the last one was by looking for the announcement in this forum.

You can buy PLEX for 100 isk each seeded on the market from NPC corps and use that PLEX to Omega your Sisi profile.

On my side I can’t access SISI because the attached email is a very old one which I don’t have anymore access to.
Support told me they cannot do anything, but I should raise my case in this thread.

Any chance I can change my email address any other way?

So ? If you hadn’t left in the first place you wouldn’t be at a disadvantage… Why should you get special dispensations ?

Perhaps we should call this type of complaint ‘Prodigal Son Syndrome’

First off it isn’t a BUG.

Second, as it has been explained already, even by CCP in their reply (which was a good reply btw). The test server is there for Development TESTING.

It is nice that CCP leaves the test server open most of the time. Many devs shut their test servers down when they don’t actively need to test things. This does not mean you are ENTITLED to access.

Wow I must really be disadvantaged. I have rarely ever been on the test server, yet somehow I have managed.


That one is probably not something that can be fixed without a manual DB edit, which functionally is a poor use of developer time for something that isn’t impacting your ability to play in the production environment - which is the only area any account is actually entitled to support for access purposes. There should be a mirror happening again in the next 45 days, which will get your credentials synchronized and let you take part in test efforts in the future.

In general, no player has a NEED to be on the test server - it’s helpful for theorycrafting builds and practicing ‘safely’, to a limited extent (as there can be in-flight changes on Sisi that are NOT on TQ and thus corrupt data gathering), but that’s basically it.

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