Can't log in to some character

Some characters I have created for sisi will not let me log them in anymore when I click them they just got to character selection and will not let me log in.

When did you create them?

I created them on sisi the accounts are valid on tq remimding you some of my accounts that I did same with still let me login

Got the same lol. My character does not exist on Tranquility but does indeed exist on Sisi, yet cannot play.

Okay seriously my account still glitched and it has a vanquisher on it ccp please fix this

Send a support ticket, I don’t think they will fix stuff like this from here

on the contrary, even submitting a ticket won’t help… they are basically “locked” out of SiSi until the next eventual mirror, which will likely be November/December.

Oh crap, really?
That’s no fun at all

unfortunately yes. They offer zero support on SiSi, unlike on TQ, so anytime there are character issues, like password changes in between mirrors and such, the only thing they can do is tell the player to wait until the next mirror.

Do submit an in-game bug report on Sisi from another character on the account, though - it is possible CCP introduced an error that would propagate to TQ if it isn’t identified and researched.

Edit to add: When did you create them? I’m wondering if there was a partial rollback during the Mac testing that may have broken them - I know we got an off-cycle mirror for the test, and if you made them during the test but lost access after the test ended it might be related to the client rollback changes.

Every account created 11 day ago during sisi like sisi characters are locked out I have also already sent bug report and I can also create new characters on sisi and play on them but for some reason 6 of my account witch I created 11 days ago haven’t been able to log in for 6 days now

That makes absolutely no sense. Sisi is mirrored from TQ. So naturally if you create on TQ it will not be able to go on sisi until the next mirror.

Creating a char on sisi (had no clue you could do that), shouldn’t allow you on TQ since you can’t transfer the test server info to the live server.

Whatever you did, you just made a big mess of things

No idea what broke 6 days ago - there weren’t any new releases to Sisi that I am aware of, but it is possible a partial data refresh was done for one of the two in-flight major tests and the lack of the characters on TQ led to a data corruption. You probably won’t get access back to the Sisi characters since they don’t typically patch in fixes for Sisi-specific bugs.

ccp bothers me the other accounts I created on sisi before this still work this is all annoying that i can not fly something that I have on sisi specially when its a faction titan/faction super

It’s the test server: sometimes it breaks. That we have it at all is a nice thing; CCP could take it offline between tests entirely.

Yup just find it dumb that do not have acsess to all of these accounts

you’re not entitled to access the test server however.

Update some other characters I’ve create don the account I created 2 so no 2/3 of the characters and not login on that account

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