I can't register on the SiSi

I wanted to test the rigging for the ship and decided to go to the test server. But when I enter my username and password, I get an error and writes “Login failed”, the account is several months old and I changed the password only 1 time. Any idea what it could be?

  1. Sisi is mirrored from TQ every few months. That means it uses your TQ password. The last mirror was 2/27/23. That means technically we are due for a mirror coming up soon ™.

  2. If you change your password on TQ in between mirrors youll still need to use your old password to log in.

  3. If your char was created after 2/27 then you have to wait until the next mirror to be added.

Thank you. But i have a question: What if my character is made 2/27?

Still wont have access. The mirror process takes several days ( i think 5) so they start 5 days from the day of the actual mirror

Very Thank you

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