Cannot login to SiSi (yes, another one of these)

I cant seem to login to SiSi. I’ve never changed the pass on my account and I registered like 4 - 5 months ago, like in August / September. AFAIK last mirror was done late october? do I need to do anything special to log in to SiSi other than selecting it down right in the launcher?

Thats the only way to log into SiSi is in the launcher. If you haven’t changed PW and you were created before the last mirror, there should not be a problem getting on the server.

have you been on SiSi before, and did something to get banned?

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Nope, I’ve never been there. I did read somewhere that if you have used LSIs you will not get data replicated to sisi for a month?

the test server is mirrored every 3-4 months. It was last mirrored in Late October, so February possibly is when the next mirror will be.

Using a skill extractor on Sisi will prevent you from re-importing skills manually via the /copyskills command for 14 days, but nothing you have done on TQ should impact Sisi access.

What happens when you try to add your account to the launcher with Sisi as the selected server?

It prompts me for user/pass again, I enter them (correctly) and it says my username/pass is wrong. I don’t remember changing my password at any time… (Security ftw).

I would say double check in your emails to see the date you created your account, and if you have any password change emails - it’s possible you are mistaken about the date you created the account or about having changed your password. These days I can’t even remember the day of the week half the time. Beyond that, I don’t know of anything that would be preventing a login; the mirror in October should have captured all accounts that were created at that time.

Edit to add: I’ll try logging on to Sisi in the morning to see if I can look up your character - if they don’t exist on Sisi then that’ll be a confirmation that they were not included in the mirror for whatever reason.

Varvax is on SiSi.
So the only other issue i can think of, and agree with Mkikaden, you changed your password sometime and forgot it.

Thanks, Geo.

So yeah, other than a password mismatch, I have no idea what could be causing this issue. :woman_shrugging:

Ze mystery iz zolved. Indeed, I changed my password on the 29th of December and didn’t even remember. Damn I’m getting old :rofl:


Hi all.

Same thing here. Though i am SURE i’ve changed my password few days ago.
So…the next mirror wil be in… anyone knows :)?

It’s typically every 3-4 months. So next mirror could be beginning to middle of February

Thanks :slight_smile: There is hope for me then ^^

was Quafe involved in that decision to change your password? :rofl:

I do remember I was drinking a Quafe I found in a trig wreck… after that my password was not the same…


Re-bump :slight_smile:
Still no access to Sisi.
Could someone kind just check if char Katty Allison is listed on Sisi?
I still get wrong user & password message but i guess no mirror yet …huh?

Isn’t “sisi” Russian for “boobies”?

Server not up, only time I’ve really wanted it to be, left dissapoint.

You can ignore >> its just has been deployed on a new mirror
YOUPI HURRAY :)!!! I can test!!
Fly safe

CCP was refreshing the Sisi server with a new mirror from TQ. It is back up now.