Yo when is next sisi server mirror

Last mirror was on march which was 3 months before I started playing … Never had any mirror months after… anybody know when?

If you went to the test server portion of the forum you’d see that the last mirror was actually in October. As far as next one, could be Jan or Feb

How come I can’t login my account to sisi tho it says invalid username or password

Did you recently change your password on TQ? If you did, then you won’t be able to access SiSi until you remember your old password, or the next mirror

Nvm I used the select server trick on the upper right corner to bypass the verification because they don’t send any codes on my email

Oh wow, how does that work? :smiley:

There’s this select server button beside minimize button in the launcher select it then choose the server that you are going to and then you can log in inside the game without requiring to need enter codes

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You’re bypassing the security check …
… which means this is a security hazard! :smiley:

I don’t know if it’s bypassing tho I think that not receiving an email while requiring players to enter a code to login in sisi is a glitch not sure if they coded that to happen but I just found a way to get around that glitch

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I guess this leaves open the question: Why aren’t you receiving these mails?


I don’t know I searched the same problem in the internet and saw multiple ppl experiencing the same and their accounts about 4 years old or more and that’s where I found the trick

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Sisi doesn’t send MFA emails. It’s also pretty glitchy about the security emails for adding an account to the launcher.

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