Next mirror Sisi

Is there any GM or ISD that will or can give a time indication when next mirror will be?
Its been 4 months now.
And why on earth is the loggin on Sisi binded to Tranquility?
At least give players the option to change password between each mirror on Sisi.
You enter Sisi trough the same launcher.
Or make it so that Sisi loggin always update straight from Tranquility server to Sisi.
Very odd this isnt been done from the start of this game or testserver.

Close to 5 months. I am waiting since I came back to eve and I am very close to losing interest. The thing is I want do to t4+ abyssals but I simply can’t risk losing billions of isk. Abyssals just need to be tested first on sisi and that in general is bad game design but if you can’t login into sisi you have no chance of doing so.
All the months I understood that we have no “right” to the test server but if that means I can’t play how I want in eve it is a bad design.
I did Incursions but that also means waiting for fleets and fleets rarely happen now, also I find it pretty boring.
I would love to do missions but the reward is so bad and with battleships this expensive it just is not worth it. I did some other stuff but I am getting tired of it.
Sorry for the rant but I am just fed up of waiting so god damn long, you can’t just switch professions in eve with skills taking so long.

5-6 month’s before new mirror is way to long.
Can’t be that hard to do it more frequently.

CCP have stopped even replying or looking into F12 bug reports, highly doubt they are even reading this section unfortunately :roll_eyes:

Just remember that was never why SISI is available. It was for testing new features before release, they provide it to its players out of the goodness of their heart. They can decide anytime that it will be only available during new features testing.

No other company or very few actually do this. The minute people become to entitled they might as well remove it.

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Are you a robot? I mentioned that and I also wrote why this is a bad argument because if you want to do abyssals without losing billions you just need the test server and this is a bad design.
Has nothing to do with entitlement and I don’t understand why people need to be on one side of the extremes: Hate the developer no matter what or be a nice corporate sheep. There is something in between you know.

Yes, but no other games does that and your need is also not why this exist. It is just fortunate that you can.

Jumping up and down and going crazy because you cannot will only make people go… no more access, only when we need people to do feature testing will we allow access. The more people scream about something nice that has been given the higher the risk it gets taken away.

So keep going. I actually think it is time for CCP to do just that.

Risk it in game and learn.

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The entitlement is strong with this one

No other game allows players on the test servers? There are plenty. This discussion is meaningless anways and nothing what i write here will affect if CCP decides to lock the testserver or not, stop being a scaredy cat.
If you feel better calling this entitlement you are free to do that, but in the end it is about bad game design decisions and eve needs more players not less.

“Contracts should be fixed with the next update on Sisi.

The next mirror is probably within the next few weeks, but potentially still depending on the date of the next mass test, as it would be best to combine this.”

Literally CCP’s reply in the post right before you posted this.

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That is not what they said.

No other company gives 24/7 access to test servers like CCP does.

Blizzard sure as hell does not

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