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You could just get PLEX from the market on SiSi…

The “test” server exists for quality assurance - so CCP can test new features before they go live on Tranquility. Allowing players to use the server to test fits, etc… is secondary.

The last mirror was in November, CCP Habakuk has announced there will likely be another before the end of February.

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When a mirror happens, it takes whatever your status is AT THE MOMENT the snapshot is taken.

It doesn’t actively update your status. It is only changed when a mirror happens OR when you update your character on SiSi.

The fact that CCP lets you play on the test-server is just a nice bonus. The real reason is so that they themselves can test their work. You are basically complaining that the gift you got was the wrong color.

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Maybe it is your tone that makes it sounds like you are.

Why not log a ticket and find out that way? I am sure a GM can let you know how it works and how it can work for you. a lot of times they only enable certain things. SiSi was never meant for you to test you latest fit as your character will never be at the same SP level as that of Tranquility. Well… only at the time the mirror happens which is whenever they announce it will be mirrored. And even then at times, for specific reasons.

But I am sure if they do not answer here (which is seldom) you might get an answer in a ticket.

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Probably because you write in capitals and sound a bit nervous…
Anyway: Because it’s a test server, all changes done by users can be erased with every downtime, e.g. when CCP had to upload a backup after a negative test. So don’t be too sure about all the state of your char on the test server, that may change daily.

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Edited due to writing stupid things then re-thinking said stupidity and deciding you’d prefer it if nobody else was able to read it or indeed the way in which it was written.

I reckon :sunglasses:

Actually no, not really. Not interested in being berated for asking a question by people making assumptions. Very similar to as you have to be honest.

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