New mirror

When will the next mirror be? 4 Months have already passed since the last update.

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Players don’t know, CCP probably plays it by ear, and even if they did have a time frame in mind, I doubt they would tell us. All I can say is that we’re overdue.

Well, if you created your account after the mirror, you’re straight out of luck, and need to wait. However,

  • If you want omega status on Sisi, you can buy plex for 100isk a pop, and then go omega that way.
  • If you changed your password after the mirror, you need to use your old password on sisi.
  • If you want to update your skills, you can type the command “/copyskills” into any chat window. It will copy any skills that have been completed by the last time you logged into Tranquility. It won’t copy partially trained skills, nor skills that finished training after your last log in.

CCP suggested later in October; it is not guaranteed, but would be in line with the 3-4 month average timeframe between mirrors. It depends on workload, since the mirror process isn’t fast and takes some manual work.


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