I beg u please make a mirror!

I really need to do some testing on sisi. Support says no to personal full character update from tranq to sisi for this toon which was normal and usual request few years ago as I recall.

Pls, help! :pray:

Isn’t there a command now you can just type in chat to update your character skills?

A mirror was recently done, so October/November could be the next one

I’m a returnee with the most bad luck.

Played eve with 3 accounts from 2007 to 2014.

I’m back since 2020-07-08.

Last mirror is from 2020-06-28… grr…

I don’t know not my passwords from 6 years ago… , but pw restore is not possible in singularity.

So many changes in the game mechanics… ,
so I beg also.

In earlier times there was a possibility to enable existing accounts on singularity in a dedicated thread…
but also not possible anymore.

Returness will be punished…

It isn’t cost-effective to manually port individual accounts on-demand. CCP instead significantly increased their mirror frequency to every 3-4 months, meaning it is a relatively short time to see your data cloned over.

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ccp wont mirror just because of 2 people wanting to play. they’ll only mirror it when absolutely needed. Afterall, the server isnt for our pleasure.

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Next mirror should be in end september/early october considering SISI was just mirrored end june.

You can use the /copyskills command to copy over all trained skills from Tranquility to your SISI account, and since damn near everything on SISI is seeded pretty much everywhere in 100M quantities for 100ISK each, you should have zero issues purchasing whatever you need.

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It isn’t cost-effective to manually port individual accounts on-demand. CCP instead significantly increased their mirror frequency to every 3-4 months, meaning it is a relatively short time to see your data cloned over.

This was not the question. I Will only able to login, the data must not up to date.

Again… I need no fresh data. I wanted only possible to login, without changing any personal data except the password.

To get your password, they have to copy your entire profile - that’s how mirroring an account works. It isn’t worth CCP’s time (and thus money) to do these as one-offs.

You are not guaranteed Singularity access - it is a fringe benefit that CCP grants to make their life easier when they need mass testing done for server performance purposes or to vet a planned change that they are worried will be extra buggy.

You will need to wait for the next overall mirror (or, if they do one, account-server mirror) to bring your revised password over.


Certainly, I have to wait.
I have nothing else expected.
I won a bet, that something will be replied like
“You can be glad that you are allowed to login into test system”
So I’m happy, if I may to do so to a timepoint a developers will.

It is interesting, since 25 years I worked with databases , migrations, performance optimizations, prgramming.

It is really hard to believe, that it would be so complicated and not be able to automate with a click.
Talend Open Studio or Pentaho are good migration tools, which are very flexible to automate such selective transfer, even it is a bit more complicated than a few SQL commands.

I could imagine, that some guys it would be worth a small fee in € or plex for such a feature.

It isn’t a matter of whether or not it is complicated. It’s a matter of whether or not it is worth CCP’s limited dev time to do something about it - and clearly the answer is no, since in the many many years Sisi has been freely accessible they haven’t done it.

That’s the reality of the situation, and nothing we discuss is going to change CCP’s obvious lack of interest in spending money on access improvements for the test server. Even if some people would theoretically be willing to pay them for the option to force-refresh, that number probably isn’t big enough to be worth the investment.

I have two characters in one account.Which character’s skills will Copyskil copy?I can’t join the SISI server yet!

Once you can join the server, after the next mirror, the /copyskill command can be used on each character independently - you send it cia in-game chat when logged in on the character you wish to refresh.

Now I have a 140M role and a 20M role in one account, so I have created a role in SISI. If I use copyskil, which role of TQ will copy its skills to SISI? Is there an option?

Say you have 2 chars named Alice and Bob, when you register on SISI and log in to the character selection screen, you’ll still see Alice and Bob. if you enter into Alice’s account and type /copyskills, Alice’s skills will be copied over from TQ, same for Bob.

The copyskills command copy the skills of the active character from TQ to Sisi. It cannot copy skills from a different character. So whichever character is logged in on Sisi when you send the /copyskills string will have their skill data refreshed from TQ. This can be done once per character per day (the skill data is saved once a day for use by this command, so it is only able to get ‘new’ data after downtime each day), except when you have used extractors on Sisi - in that case, there is a 14 day cooldown from last extraction before that character can /copyskills again.

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