Lost/ vanished Skillpoints

Hi there; did anyone get the same problem: shortly after the last singularity update several skills (used 4 capital- ships) were inactive again and had to be skilled 4 another time.
This had cost me several million skillpoints - using F12 … GM Beta told me: HERE ! i’ll get the support that I deserve xD


Leider nicht; quote:
Hallo, GM Beta hier. (…) Wenn sich Ihr Problem auf den Testserver (Singularity) bezieht, müssen Supportanfragen, Fehlerberichte und Feedback im Abschnitt „Test Server Feedback“ der Foren unter der folgenden URL veröffentlicht werden:

Test Server Feedback

Unfortunately not; quote: Hello, GM Beta here. (…) If your issue is related to the Test Server (Singularity), support requests, bug reports and feedback must be posted in the Test Server Feedback section of the forums at the following URL:

The dev i tagged works with sisi.

Now; then let’s hope he will read this

Sisi is mirrored from TQ. Therefore what SP you had from TQ would be on SiSi. You should have all your SP from testing as well if you participated.

Any trained skills on sisi that you dont have on TQ, you wont get back. Youd have to inject them.

cant you just type /copyskills
which re-mirrors your tq to sisi as long as you havn’t used an injector recently.

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hm; sounds weired. I’m using Sisi since my beginning in Eve 2019 and also use - and spend mass-testing gained skillpoints, know about and use /copysklills … but never ever the trained skills got untrained

I mean logically thou as long as your TQ char still has it you can infinitly overwrite sisi’s, hopefully :confused: yea weird stuff happend for me as well my char was empty on log in screen for like 6 months I had to wait.

Ohh - the logging in - thats the next problem I wanted to mention. Concerns also other users : if you choose Sisi in the launcher - the accounts look “deactivatet” → the start-buttons have disappeared. If you restart the launcher, this is fixed an you can login to Sisi

O I got all the way to log in screen but becuase my character was made after the mirror my log in screen was empty with no characters lol… and CCP waited 6months to do a mirror.

May be - we, the User - are also being “testet” ? lol

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It was not 6 months from the previous mirror. Generally its 3-4 months

O! my char is exactly 4 months old now, oops maybe I made my character very close to the last mirror, it only was available to me within the last week and a bit.

Feb 2 2022 was the last mirror before may 31 mirror

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