Sisi reset unallocated skill points

On SISI, I accidentally applied the 2M skill points for the omega mining test on an alpha character. This has the effect of blocking all skill point updates to the alpha character. Can the “unapplied skill points” be reset to zero with a dev command, so that the /copyskills can work again and test character be re synced?

skill extractor or just make the alpha, an omega… buy 500 plex for 50k isk to make your character omega.

Sometime in the next few months they’ll do another mirror, so whatever SP your TQ character has, is what your SiSi character will have.

Interesting i didn’t think of that. Is there away of removing the char from sisi and reinserting it from scratch? I’m more insterested in testing the char synced to tranquillity but could test as an omega until the sisi reset. :slight_smile:

As far as i know, you cannot delete from the test server, and you wouldn’t have access to it until after the next mirror if you could delete it.

If I remember correctly, there is a /copyskills command that you can use to copy skills from TQ.

Free SP, especially those awarded from public tests, are reset with every new mirror.


A note to add in regards to the command mentioned

This command compares your skills on Singularity with a daily snapshot of TQ and adds the missing skills and skill levels to Singularity.

Usage: /copyskills

Note: Only completed skill levels are being copied. A skill level is only marked as fully completed after a login with your character. The snapshot from TQ is being taken in the middle of the night (GMT). This command is blocked for 14 days after using a skill extractor

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