Sis I update

Clone status won’t update from alpha to Omega. Skills update, bit clone status does not. Please update clone status.

I’m not sure what you are meaning here. Did you upgrade to Omega on Sisi or on TQ? What do you mean when you say ‘Skills update’?

A couple guesses:

  1. You updated clone state to Omega on TQ after the last mirror.
  • TQ Omega upgrades do not transfer to Sisi except when a mirror is executed. You can upgrade your Sisi account to Omega for 50,000 ISK - buy 500 PLEX for 100 ISK each from a seeded station, and redeem them in the Sisi NES for an Omega certificate.
  1. You upgraded to Omega on Sisi and your skills unlocked, but otherwise the Omega clone state does not appear to have applied.
  • This sometimes happens, and usually can be fixed by logging out, closing EVE, and relaunching to log in again.

I hope one of those helps. If it is something different, please provide detailed information so we can try to help troubleshoot the issue.


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