First time logging into SiSi

I wanted to logon to the test server but when I do it appears I’m missing many skills that I’ve been able to use for years. Even unable to undock in the ship I’m sitting in. Is there anything I should know about why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Your character has probably lapsed to Alpha state. Buy PLEX from the market (they are only 100isk) to re-sub to Omega.

I resubbed to eve about a few days ago to Omega with this particular character. Maybe it takes while to update to Sisi?

It won’t automatically update on SISI. Once the database is copied across (Mirrored) TQ and SISI are totally separate servers.

You will have to PLEX on SISI separately, thats why CCP seed the markets with PLEX at 100isk each.

OK thank you for your help.

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