Upgraded to Omega Still show as Alpha on Singularity

I logged on to Singularity and still show as an Alpha account.

SiSi doesn’t have realtime updates to TQ data. It only mirrors every 3 months or so. Actions taken on TQ won’t impact Sisi, except that you can re-sync your skills with one of the /commands

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Buy 500 PLEX on the market at 100 ISK each and then apply it to make your character Omega on SiSi.

To sync your skills, type /copyskills in chat.

Then you’ll be Omega speed training and access to ships, and in the same state as on TQ.

I see a lot of these thd’s. CCP could probably could have explained it better.

Thanks that worked. The cheapest I could find PLEX was 50,000 ISK in Perimeter.

You should use the /moveme command (in any chat channel) to go to Dodixie, Rens or Amarr to get your plex at 100 isk.

Is there a way to get skill points?

Couple options:

  1. Import trained skills from TQ, then use an extractor (using PLEX seeded for 100 isk in most regions) to reallocate to whatever you need to test - 2 week cooldown on re-importing drom TQ when you do this.
  2. Participate in test events to get bonus Sisi skill points to apply to whatever needs testing

I see math is not your strong suit, its not mine either… but i’m pretty sure 500 plex at 100 isk each = 50k total. Which is the price he told you it would be.

The PLEX was 50,000 ISK in Perimeter. It came out to 25,000,000. I had the ISK so it was okay.

Do they have a limited supply of skill extractors? A lot of places did not have any and the cheapest I found any was M-OEE8 at 15mil each.

You can buy skill extractors from the NES store, using plex

I am sorry for my ignorance, but what is the NES store? I have never used skill extractors either. I was thinking of using them on my minor alts to give skill points to my fighter alts.

New Eden Store. You can find it by hitting alt + 4

Thank you! I was able to fill 55 skill extractors.

So will it change skills to EXACTLY how they are on TQ? Or does it just fill in the blanks?

Singularity Player Commands:

This command compares your skills on Singularity with a daily snapshot of TQ and adds the missing skills and skill levels to Singularity.

Usage: /copyskills

Note: Only completed skill levels are being copied. A skill level is only marked as fully completed after a login with your character. The snapshot from TQ is being taken in the middle of the night (GMT). This command is blocked for 14 days after using a skill extractor.

Emphasis mine.

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